He loves photography, games, art, design, food and life. Enjoying every minute of life, and not wasting time on anything that is detrimental to it. His emotions run on the both ends of the spectrum, making him extremely happy or sad when circumstances unfold. His positive energy is never shaken out (unless you suck it all out on purpose) and emanates it to other people around him, but bear in mind that he is an introvert. He loves listening to a lot of music, which mostly influences how his emotions run.

On the weekdays, he works as a front-end web programmer for an internet radio company based in Singapore, gyms on his spare time, or goes to the arcade for some dose of Tekken and Drummania. He mixes music for a hobby, and loves doing every minute of it. His passion lies on the arts, and eating. Yup, his body does not show but he has the appetite of a monster.

He loves games, he loves life. He doesn't waste time in things that are detrimental to it. Surrounded with people who make his life much more awesome, he embarks on his journey through life and makes it more meaningful with the people who matters most around him.