We've Only Just Vigan

As a crazy bunch, me and my friends would go on this “sudden roadtrips” that are unplanned, all-of-the-sudden trips that involves hours of traveling. We have went to Tagaytay for coffee, Subic for dinner, and day trips to Zambales. This time, we’ve selected some place we have never been before– Vigan, Ilocos Sur.

Vigan is approximately 9 hours of land travel from Manila. It has been really famous for it’s cobblestoned roads, old-style Spanish houses that have been preserved since the era of the Spaniards. As much as the architecture of the houses there is as colorful, their delicacies and cuisine is also as vivid. The renown Vigan Empanada and Vigan Longganisa, and Bagnet.

There’s this thrill to not being prepared and being adventurous when it comes to traveling. Since I was also craving for Vigan Empanada, I decided to agree to the request, and also knowing that I won’t be having the chance to travel back again, it’ll be a long time again. True enough, it was an exciting trip! Lots of thing seen, ate and experienced, especially that I’m along with the best people in the world.

I have no words, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves! :)

Roadside Views

Green Grasslands

Random Snaps of Happiness

It was an awesome trip, lots of eating, talking, jokes, and travelling. All photos taken by me through my Samsung Note 3. :) It was fun taking photos again, I missed it, to be honest, as well as blogging. More photos like this soon when I invest in a better camera. But for now, camera phone photography! To more travels in the year 2014!