2016 and Beyond

2016 started not too long ago, and in the start of the year, I've purchased a camera again. (Sony A6000) As a test run, I travelled to Taiwan for the start of the year, as I also needed the holiday break.

I've always loved it here, the food, the weather, the nightlife. It's like all the things you're missing out in Singapore are basically here in Taiwan, especially in Taipei. That's why even after being here four times, I'm still willing to visit this place again. The beauty of this place is just as amazing as its culture and food. Hence, buying a camera was well worth it for taking a lot of pretty pictures.

As much as I still want to stay for long, reality calls. Work needs to be done, responsibilities need to be faced. I can say though, the only thing thats scaring me is missing the food. Other than that, I have beautiful photos of the trip to remember me by.

Thank you for the people who've supported my photography. It's been an overwhelming response that when I started to post my photography again in my website. I know its been 8 years since I've taken photos again, and I'm still overjoyed by the fact that people would still want me to take photos of the world. From the bottom of my heart, I thank each and every one of you. I will continue to take more photos of my travels and daily snapshots of life and post it in my website. It's an honour to share my take on the world and the beauty of it.

Bues and Greens